3 Protection Reasons To Know Your UK Employee Rights – But Your Boss Wish You Didn’t Know

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Why Do You Need to Know Your UK Worker or Employee Rights?

3 Big Reasons

  1. Be prepared before a workplace dispute starts
  2. Seek redress if you’ve been wronged at work; you may have lost your job illegally
  3. Avoid losing your rights for not claiming on time because of unfavorable employment laws

1 – Why Do You Need to Prepare?

Imagine that you decide to go to live in a foreign country. You then decide to look for a job once you are there. You could be subject to worse exploitation and abuse without knowing your fundamental worker rights.

You may think: “not in the UK; these things happen only in rogue countries or third-world countries….”

Unfortunately, the United Kingdom is not free of modern slavery. According to the Walk Free Foundation, in July 2018, they estimated the number of victims of modern slavery in the UK was 136,000.

While the UK is one of the best countries in the world for parental leave, when it comes to the Gender Pay Gap, in 2022, the UK was not in the top 10 best countries, ranking several places below Nicaragua.

There are far worse countries than the UK, but these findings show that working without being prepared to assert your workers’ rights and prevent them from being violated is unwise.

2 – Why Do You Need to Seek redress?

To seek redress means to find ways to obtain compensation for being subjected to a wrong, to act to set things right, and to get a remedy, reparations, or compensation following an unfair treatment.

You can only do these things if you know your employment rights.

3 – Avoid Losing Your Rights

The song lyrics say: “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

“The truth is, you know you have some kind of employment rights, but you don’t know you can lose them so easily.”
Karl W.

If you are concerned about keeping or losing your job, you can prepare in advance by getting resources from our website.

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