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Government official materials

  • The quickest way to find an employment tribunal contact detail is to visit the UK Government official website: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/employment-tribunal-offices-and-venues
  • If you click on the link above, it should open in a new browse page
  • Once on that guidance page from the Government, the main content you will find a is a list of tribunal offices and venues
  • You could also take a look at the Related Content on the right hand side.
  • The are five official leaflets
    • Your claim - what happens next (T421)
    • The hearing (Employment Tribunal): guidance for claimants (T424)
    • Employment tribunal procedure rules
    • The hearing (Employment Tribunal): guidance for claimants and respondents (T425)
    • Responding to a claim to an employment tribunal (T422)

Make the best use of these government official materials

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