05.01.1 – Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to our Employment Tribunal Abbreviations and Acronyms online.

If you are seriously considering legal action against your employer, whether former or current, you will have to deal with an Employment Tribunal.

An Employment Tribunal is a public body in England, Wales, and Scotland independent of the government whose function is to hear and resolve disputes between employers and employees over employment rights.

In Northern Ireland, the public body that resolve employment matters are known as ‘Industrial Tribunals’ but ‘fair employment tribunals’ deal specifically with discrimination based on political opinion or religious belief.

ET1Form.net has sponsored a new book: “THE FIVE PHASES FOR WINNING AN EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL CASE” to help lay-people understand complex legal concepts, laws, procedures, and litigation tactics in a way that is easy to grasp.

The book contains an abbreviations and acronyms section which we have expanded online.

Readers can keep up with newly added abbreviations and acronyms in matters related to Employment Tribunals’ legal and procedural changes.

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