05.02.4 – Where to Send Your Employment Tribunal Claims?

Did You Know?

  • In the unfortunate circumstances where an Employment Tribunal was to reject your claim, they must provide you with a reason for the rejection. In such a case, you should speedily seek legal assistance in addressing those reasons and ensure your resubmission is absolutely correct before the time limit expiry.

  • Filing your Employment Tribunal claim online is the best method but you can also choose to download the ET1 form, complete it manually, and send it by email or by post to the most relevant employment tribunal location listed in 05.02.3.

  • To submit your claims online for England, Wales and Scotland visit

  • To submit your claims online for Northern Ireland, visit https://employmenttribunalsni.co.uk/OITFET_IWS/Login.aspx.
    Note that you will need to create an account before you can submit your claim.

  • Always use a draft ET1 claim form so you can double check your data before you use the real online ET1 form or printed form to submit your claim.

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